Godefa Cell Phone Camera Lens Full Kit

Godefa Cell Phone Camera Lens with Tripod+ Shutter Remote,6 in 1 18x Telephoto Zoom Lens/Wide Angle/Macro/ Fisheye/Kaleidoscope/CPL, Clip-On lense Compatible for iPhone 8 7 6s Plus, Samsung and Other

This cell phone lens kit has to be one of the best cell phone lens kits that we have found. This is proved because this lens kit is a “BestSeller” on Amazon. With a near 70% One Star rating you can’t go far wrong with this kit.

Here is a quote from Gavin one of the many positive responses:

I knew that for the price I would not be getting top of the line lenses, which is fine, because I am no pro-photographer. I just wanted to add a little reach to my iPhone camera and play around with some fun shots. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the package up. These seem perfect for what I wanted and the quality is better than expected.

Here is a YouTube rundown of the kit it’s lenses and what to expect:

Please click on the link below the YouTube video that will take you to the item to see for yourself the full story and the value you will get.


LINK: Godefa Cell Phone Camera Lens Full Kit