How Many Mega-Pixels Does My Mobile Phone Need?


We Help You Decide How Many Mega-Pixels Your Mobile Phone Really Needs

One of the things that boggle many folk when choosing a mobile phone digital camera is the Mega-Pixel story. Now we try to help you decide how many mega-pixels you should be aiming for.

The answer depends on what you plan on doing with the finished images.

Firstly the trick is to understand what a pixel really is.

In terms of digital prints, a pixel simply means one dot of color that makes up the image. A mega-pixel is equal to one million pixels. The more mega-pixels a mobile phone camera has, the greater the amount of information it records.

The easiest way to decide.

The easiest way to decide what to look for is to know what size prints you are likely to print from your mobile phone camera. A one mega-pixel camera is fine for those who don’t plan on printing photos but rather just post them on the internet. A small print, say 4” x 6” will print perfectly fine from this mobile phone camera.

A 2 mega-pixel mobile phone camera will enable you to produce good quality 5” x 7” prints and fair quality 8” x 10” prints. When you reach 4 mega-pixels you can print out excellent quality 8” x 10” prints and acceptable 11” x 17” prints and a 5 mega pixel camera will allow you to print out high quality 11” x 17” prints.

Most families find a mobile phone camera in the 3.2 Mega-pixel range to be the best choice. The quality of both 5” x 8” and 8” X 10” prints is very good yet the files on your computer are not so large that you need worry about not having enough storage space.

Over 5 mega-pixels is unnecessary

Any camera over 5 mega-pixels is unnecessary for all but professionals in photography; even then, only those who have need for poster-size prints find that many mega-pixels worth the money. Most freelance photographers find 4 or 5 mega-pixels to be sufficient for excellent-quality prints.

The choice is yours.

Look to what you plan on doing with your photos and then decide. In most cases spending the money for increased optical quality and lower mega-pixels is the best choice.